My plans…

and what nature decides doesn’t allways agree 🙂 Having 3 litters in a row was not part of my over all planning but for a lot of reasons it turned out that way. It has been quite hard and with a lot of speculations. The L-litter puppies have all left to new great homes and like allways I look forward to follow them in the future. I have gotten great reports from their new owners and they have all settled in nicely in their new homes and oh they are big by now – 4 months – time flies.

Liam now called Eddie was the last to leave – my small black happy shadow! Every single one of them make small footprints in my heart <3


Half of the M-litter has left too! The two girls is settled in their new homes. Millaa Magic stayed in Denmark and is on co-ownership so she is still part of Kennel Skovfarmen´s. Miss Misty is far away up north and also doing great. I hope she doesn’t give Tuija too many grey hairs 😀 If she is like her mother then she probably will 😉


The two brothers are still here giving me grey hairs but also a lot of joy. They would like a family of their own though! But that is the risk you face as a breeder having 3 litters in a row. I am certain that some day the right person turns up for them too. Untill then I have a lot of fun with them playing and doing a little training – suits me fine when Cooma is caring for her puppies then I can take them to training instead of her.


The N-litter is 3 weeks old by now and my good they are cute 🙂 I really look forward to see this litter grow up. They already rumble around the puppy crate – small turbo rats 😀


Should you feel the urge to get yourself a chocolate turbo rat then there is a boy and a girl still available 😉