Skovfarmen’s Black Oro Brilliante


  • Nickname: Ace
  • DKK no:DK03851/2015
  • Colour: Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: HD: B/B ED: 0/0 | Full dention – scissor bite
  • Owner: Helle Pieler


For a long time I have wished for my own Strummer ofspring – Strummer is not in this world anymore so this boy is made with artificial insemination and unfortunately he is a singleton which makes him even more precious. Thanks a lot to Arjan Monster making this possible. Not all wishes comes through – I wished for a bitch but I got this guy and I had a lot of expectations but he turned out to be cryptorchid. Now he lives with Helle and Kurt together with Skovfarmen´s Black Geido.

Ace got sick in the spring 2017 and went through a lot of test, blood tests – MR-scan – CT-scan – heart scan and a lot of medication which he didn’t respond to. He was put to sleep in september 2017. The vets could not come up with a diagnosis for what was wrong with Ace.

We miss you little boy – you were special from the start <3 RIP ACE <3


Show: BOB Baby puppy