Skovfarmen’s Chocolate Hachiko


  • Nickname: Chiko
  • DKK no: DK13681/2010
  • Colour: Chocolate
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: HD: A/A | Full dention, scissor bite
  • Owner: Bodil og Hans-Henrik Sønderholm


Chiko lives with Bodil and Hans-Henrik in Aarhus.

Chiko is the 3rd kelpie in the family who has had DKCH LPI LPII LPIII LPELITE DKLCH St. Torøje´s Chubasco Boy who became 17 years old and NORDV96 DKCH LPI LPII St. Torøje´s Belle Bianca 15 years old.
Chiko and Hans-Henrik are going to train DKK/FCI obedience and hopefully Chiko will be as succesfull as Boy and Bianca.


  • Danish Champion – DKCH