Skovfarmen’s Black Farica


  • Nickname: Tuss
  • DKK no: DK03303/2009
  • Colour: Black
  • Sex: Bitch
  • Health: HD: A/A | ED: 0/0 | Full dention, scissor bite | Eyes free
  • Owner: Kennel Skovfarmen´s


Tuss is a very special girl and like her grandmother a great cowdog. Tuss used to be my partner in the DcH working dog obedience programme but when it comes to obedience our teamwork does not work out. Tuss is a very clever lady with her own opinions – she is a great obedience dog and can do whatever you ask her if it suits the princess that day. So Tuss is now training, competing and living with Britta Nilsson who also have a daughter of Tuss.

I am grateful for all the adventures I have had with Tuss in the Show ring with more to come in the future! She is a true princess both inside and outside!

Tuss is taken out of my breeding program untill there is a test available for CA.

Breeding Bitch


  • International Champion – C.I.E
  • Danish Champion – DKCH
  • German Champion – DEVDHCH
  • EuropaSieger – EUSieger-12
  • World Winner – WW-12
  • Qualified for the DcH Danish Championship in class C  2011