Skovfarmen’s Black Betty


  • Nickname: Betty Boop
  • DKK no: 18185/2006
  • Colour: Black
  • Sex: Bitch
  • Health: HD A/A | ED 00 | Full dention, correct scissorbite
  • Owner: Merete Ebdrup/ previous co-owned with Kennel Skovfarmen´s

Breeding Bitch


Betty now lives with Merete, Bettina, Jørgen and her new best friend Klejsis Daisy.
Daisy is a kelpielady who is going to teach Betty how to behave. Betty will have a lot to stand up to because Daisy have been trained and competed in Dch´s working dog A-class programme. The 26th of June 2009 Daisy went over the rainbowbridge 13 years old.


  • Betty is competing in DcH´s B-class working dog programme.
  • Betty has been awarded C-dog of the Year 2008 in DcH Svenstrup.
  • Betty and Bettina was Club champions in Rally-O 2012 at DcH Svenstrup.