International show and Danish Winner show 2014

The 1st of November and we have 18 degrees :-O amazing. Well this has been an amazing weekend for Kennel Skovfarmen´s and I still have a hard time getting my arms down. I am so grateful to the fantastic team of Skovfarmers who showed up at the show. We had a great weekend! Lovely dogs and great company – what more can you ask for?

Saturday we started early and arrived in Herning early having time to catch up and talk before going in the ring.

Australian Kelpies entered saturday.

First in the ring was Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Nutty Ninja (Morgan). Because I messed up she was handled by some one else who came running with her in the last minute. She got 1. promising. Sorry Lonni – my fault!

Then Skovfarmen´s Black Millaa Millaa Magic was shown and she got BOB-puppy. Great job Kirsten!


I was going to show both Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Jarrah (Bravo) and Skovfarmen´s Black Imhotep (Nemo) in open class males. I have shown Bravo before and actually thought it would be piece of cake with him. He only needs one more CAC to become Danish champion – he has already collected 4 CACs. Nemo has never been trained for showing so I actually thought he was going to be the real challenge but boy – was I wrong 🙂 He is one super cool and clever guy – 5 minutes and he had the idea of what I wanted him to do.
Bravo was suuper happy and naughty in the ring – jumping around as a cockroach with his tail straight up – NEED MORE RINGTRAINING the judge said 😀
Nemo did great and got 1. Excellent – CAC – best male – CACIB and was Best of Breed!

Thanks to judge Hanne Laine Jensen


Next day it was time for the Danish Winner Show.

I had entered Cooma for fun so I had more dogs to handle 😀 and had whatsoever no expectations. I know that she can run and she can really cover the ground if she wants to…but for her a show is quite boring and she is not so keen on other bitches.

Australian Kelpies at the Danish Winner Show 2014


Here we are waiting for the show to start. I am getting my ears cleaned by Nemo.

10800412_10203959446480326_897763496_oFirst in the ring was Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Nutty Ninja (Morgan) and she did great! BOB-baby puppy! You have done a great job with her Lonni. This was the fifth time Morgan was awarded Best Baby.

WP_20141102_13_16_18_ProNext was Skovfarmen´s Black Millaa Millaa Magic and she did also great being BOB-puppy!

WP_20141102_14_24_00_ProThen it was time for the males. For Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Liat it was his first official show and now in junior class. He did also great and was  1. Excellent and Danish Junior Winner 2014. Later on he actually ended up as 2. best male and got the R.CAC. Well done at 9 months old. He is the half brother of Nemo – same mother – Chunas Legacy Assana.


Then it was open class males. I handled Nemo and Charlotte took over Bravo – he did a lot better with her than with me 😀

Bravo got 3. Excellent in open class.

Nemo did great again today and got 1. Excellent and CK. He was really amazing. He is a fantastic dog with a very cool and balanced temperament.

Then it was champion class. Skovfarmen´s Black Gadi was handled very well by Britta and got 2. Excellent. Only 1 of the champions got CK – Redqliffs Heavy Competition.
In running for best male Nemo was best male and Danish Winner 2014 and Liat 2. best male.

Then it was time for the girls. Skovfarmen´s Black Jewel got 1. Excellent in open class.

Skovfarmen´s Hidden Agenda (Cooma) got 1. Excellent and CK in champion class then she was Best bitch with CACIB and Danish Winner 2014. Oh my I was surpriced – she for sure can move when she wants to and she was so well behaved in the ring. This really made my day 😀

Then it was Cooma and Nemo running for Best of Breed and Cooma was BOB!


 Wauw what a weekend – I am a proud breeder. Thanks to all my totally fantastic puppy buyers – you are the greatest and thanks to judge Sean Delmar.