A great summer

Before winter is coming I better tell you about our summer adventures. It has been a great summer for Kennel Skovfarmen´s. The last puppy – Nora from Cooma´s litter travelled to Norway the 1st of September. So she joined me and her auntie Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Happy Hetty on our adventure to Germany and Czechia.

Here at our first stay in Leipzig.

WP_20140823_22_52_00_ProNora charmed a lot of people on our way. She was so much fun and no problem at all to travel with. She is a very curious and outgoing puppy. The reason she had to stay with me untill 4 months of age is that the Norweigian import rules was changed in March 2014 so it is not possible anymore to get a dispension to import puppies younger than 3 months and 21 days to Norway. Ofcourse it was very hard to say goodbye to her but it was on the other hand great to experience her developments from baby untill 4 months of age. And a challenge too – worrying if she got the right socialisation that is so very important from they are 8 weeks old. I am pretty sure that I managed to do the job 😀 I have only got possitive news so far 😀

We went to the German Winner Show in Leipzig and next day to the Leipzig Sieger Show. Happy did great both days and got two new titles – German Winner 2014 and Leipzig Winner 2014.

After Leipzig we went to München to spend two days at the I-WAKE event. A kelpie meeting for both Australian kelpies and Working kelpies. So nice to meet people in real life that you only know from FB. Too bad that we couldn’t stay the whole weekend but we had an appointment in Czechia. Happy was entered at the InterDog Bohemia 2014 Show at Mlada Boleslav.

Nora was stacked and had some ”show” pics taken at the Interdog Bohemia – thanks to Lenka Petraskova.

Also at InterDog Bohemia Happy did great – being BOB and getting more titles – Czech Champion and International Champion – C.I.E. Now Happy is ready for having a litter of Skovfarmen´s puppies. More about that later…

When I was in Mlada Boleslav I had the great pleasure of visiting Marcela and Fast Boy. I haven’t seen Fast since he was shown in Denmark at the World Dog Show 2010 in Herning, Denmark. He is such a great boy – I really look forward to the development of a DNA test for CA in kelpies because he is definately a great guy who have something to give to future generations of kelpies – he is definately in my breeding plans for the future!

WP_20140831_14_10_57_Pro (2)

Puppies from the L, M and N litter already are having fun and doing great in the show rings.

Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Miss Misty started her show carrier at the Border Collie and Kelpie Special in Finland by being BOB and BIS-puppy.
Here is what the Australian judge wrote about Miss Misty – I am a proud breeder 🙂

Skovfarmen´s Black Las Zorro was BOB-puppy at an Int. show in Norweigen and Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Lulu was BOB-baby puppy at an Intl. Show in Denmark. Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Nutty Ninja is already 4 x BOB baby puppy and 1 BIS-4 Baby puppy.

In the late summer I got a great surprice – Anders and Skovfarmen´s Chocolate Hyper Jr. qualified to the Danish DcH Championship. I was a great surprice because Hyper has been sick most of the summer – unfortunately he has an anaplasmosis infection. He has been treated with heavy doses of antibiotics and so far it seems to work – so far we don’t know if he is totally cured.
Charlotte and Gadi also managed in last minute to qualify to the Danish DcH Championship. I am proud of all of you!

Now the summer is over and finally I have time for training again. This year has been more than 8 months occupied with puppies. It is very quiet here now but Cooma is happy having all my attention again. I look forward to see some of you at the Intl. DKK show in Herning and in the end of November I am going to a Swedish kelpie event in Halmstad where I will meet some of the N-litter puppies.