St. Torøje’s Kia


  • Nickname: Kia
  • DKKno: 13931/99
  • Colour: Blue smoke
  • Sex: Bitch
  • Health: HD: A/B ED: 0/0 | Full dention, scissor bite | CA: carrier
  • Owner: Brigitta Sørensen/Kennel Skovfarmen´s


Kia is a danish bred bitch and we got her from the kennel St. Toröje.

Kia has the most loving personality – very much Kelpie. She loves all people and wants to kiss them till they drop. Cats is her greatest concern as they can´t be herded easily.

Kia has developed a lot from I first got her. She has gone from being afraid of cows to now being able to control the herd and get them where I want them with no problems. Not even the bull can get her to back off now.

Kia passed away august 2013 – 14 years old! She is greatly missed and forever in my Heart! RIP my best cowdog!

Breeding bitch


  • 1.winner – 1.price – 4th best bitch Cac quality