Skovfarmen’s Chocolate Quicksilver

  • Nickname: Teppo
  • DKK no: DK08904/2016
  • Colour: Chocolate
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: HD: B/B ED: 0/0 | PL: 0/0 | LTV:0 VA:0 (Back/spine normal) | Eyes: free
  • Owner: Hanna Wathén


Teppo lives in Finland with Hanna and Risto, the kelpie Aune and two staffies.

Teppo is going to be Hannas new partner in agility, rally-o, water rescue and probably a lot more fun things.


  • 1st price Water rescue trial beginners class
  • 1st price Water rescue trial open class
  • 3 approved results in Rally-O Beginners class – RTK1
  • Approved mental test – gun proof – Hammarö, Sweden 2017