Skovfarmen’s Brown Balto


  • Nickname: Kinai
  • DKK no: 18184/2006
  • Colour: Chocolate
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: HD A/A | ED 00 | Full dention, correct scissorbite
  • Owner: Pierluigi Massignan, Italy

Stud dog

Kinai is available for mating with approved bitches. For info please contact Pierluigi.


Kinai went to Italy to live with Barbara & Pierluigi and their 2 other dogs Birbo and Oscar.
Balto is trained in obedience and agility. He is also competing in agility. He is now competing in clas III large.

Kinai has his own webpage


  • International Show Champion – C.I.E
  • Italian Champion – ITCH
  • Luxembourg Champion – LUCH
  • Italian Reproduction Champion
  • World Veteran Winner WVW-15 – BOB Veteran and BOS WDS 2015 Milano
  • Agility Large class 3