Skovfarmen’s Arosso


  • Nickname: Mex
  • DKK no: 16433/2005
  • NHSB. no: 2586124
  • Colour: Chocolate
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: HD A
  • Owner: Marja Meijer, The Netherlands


Mex is now living in Holland with Marja and her family. Han is not alone because he share the house with the Sheltie Kahruh and 2 cats. The family are used to having a Danish bred Kelpie in the house. They have been the proud owner of Chili´s Phel also imported from Denmark. Arosso is clicker trained. He is also trained and competing in agility.

For info: Mex was diagnosed with a small heartmurmur around 8 years of age. He is checked every year at the vet university. And it is stable and not progressing – he does not have a heart disease of any kind. Now at 11 years of age he is still running agility.


  • He has both jumping and agility points.
  • He has been awarded the club price ”Most progressive dog 2007”.
  • Club Champion in agility 2015
  • Club Champion in agility 2016